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Meet Your Summit Host - Lois Koffi
Lois Koffi is a professional speaker, sales trainer, coach, and Ironman Triathlete that has coached thousands of people in business and healthy lifestyles for the last 22 years.

She pivoted, like many in 2020, without having an email list or podcast or tribe online - having focused on face-to-face sales for over 20 years.

She went from 0 sales online to 5 figures a month in less than 6 months with permission-based lead generation online and now coaches, affiliate marketers, and speakers hire her to do the same - pivoting in 6 months guaranteed to live their best life. She now is at multiple five figures a month in 9 months of starting at ground zero online.

She loves affiliate marketing as well and is really passionate about sharing her story and resources through her top 20 podcast.
Here's What You Will Learn From Our Experts...
How To Get To 5 Figures A Month, Stay There & Go Beyond
If you feel like your income is a roller coaster ride and you can't get to that elusive five figures a month EVERY month, then this talk is for you. We will discuss that not-so-elusive system today so you can have all the tools to get you there FAST and stay there (goodbye peaks and valleys).
The Secret To Making Money While You Sleep
How many times have you just wished you could wake up the next morning and $1-3k worth of inbox money just magically appears in your bank account? You will learn this and more in this talk on the 8 figure secrets to making money while you sleep.
The Keys To Getting More Done In Less Time
It always seems that there are some entrepreneurs and business owners seem to get "all the things" done every day and yet a majority struggle to get half of their to do list done - spinning their wheels most days of the week. Today we will talk about the keys to getting more done in less time and feeling like a time management ninja!
How To Sell With Programs Online & Increase Results
Most coaches found that the pandemic pivot stopped the flow of consistent sales.  The struggle became real with selling programs online in this new normal. In this talk we will share the key secrets to speeding up on your online sales success in less time!
The 100+ Leads-A-Month Formula
Every sale begins with having a lead or a prospect to take through your sales process... everyone knows that...and most struggle with that consistency of generating leads. In this talk we share the secrets to lead generating success where you can guarantee 100+ qualified leads a month to give you that sales increase!
Build Your Email List Fast To Create A $1 Million Dollar Asset
Many think email is DEAD and a terrible way to market and causes spam in online sales and marketing. Can you REALLY make money with an email list? In this talk we will discuss how an email list of 1000 or more can become a $1M asset you are sitting on like an acre of diamonds.
How To Virtually GUARANTEE That Your Offers Will Sell
Sales and money success all starts in the mind.  It's true - as is anything that holds us back. In this talk today we will show you how you can remove those money blocks with ease and practically guarantee sales for the rest of your days.
10X Your Results By Working SMART W/O Compromising Your Health
You might be can't have success without working around the can't have your health AND your in this talk how you CAN have BOTH by working SMART versus HARD and have your health and wealth and wisdom in living your BEST life. We will show you how to 10X your results.
Mastering Technology In The New Normal
I know what you are thinking...this new normal meant you needed to become a technology wizard! Have no fear! In this talk you will discover that it isn't as hard as you fact help is not that far away.
Hiring A World-Class VA Without Breaking The Bank
Calgon! Take me away! I have way to much to do - how can I get it all done? The best way to leverage your time is to outsource to a VA - In this talk, discover how outsourcing doesn't break the bank and can give you your life back! Time and financial freedom isn't far away.....
The Breakthrough Podcast Secret
Often times people find that podcasting can be complicated and be a time suck and expensive hobby. In this talk we will uncover how that is soooo not the case - we will share breakthrough podcast closing secrets that will monetize your business to six figures and beyond.
Getting Clients To Pay & Convert Through Facebook
Many people have turned to Facebook for clients/prospects for the past decade. And many turn to Facebook ads. IN this talk we debunk the myth of paid advertising is the only way to monetize your business on can become a client attraction magnet.
Creating Your LinkedIn Lead Funnel
LinkedIn is considered the best professional network to find leads & referral partners. And there are MANY tools sold to help you do so. In this talk we show you how you don't need to spend any money on LinkedIn to monetize your business on can become a client attraction magnet.
Automate, Iterate & Innovate
I have NO clue how to it really possible to generate leads while I sleep? YES! In this talk discover how the right automation systems can replace 4 virtual assistants and you can save thousands of $$$ per year (AND make six figures).
Tame Your Monkey Mind & Reclaim Your Mental Sanity
With all the stress of this past year...focus and calming the mind has been more challenging than ever. How can I reclaim my sanity amidst all the things? Today we will discover simple techniques and ways to calm the mind and reclaim your sanity.
Email Copy That "Sells" Without Feeling Salesy
I am not an email copywriter...and have no idea how to make email copy that isn't spam or "salesy." I don't know how to make copy and money! Discover how to simply email copy and monetize an email campaign working only once and duplicating over and over again in creating ROI.
Never Buy A Course That Isn't For You Again
Have you ever felt like a perpetual student buying course after course and hiring coach after coach and NEVER getting anywhere? In this talk discover the secrets to never getting screwed or feeling taken again by those money driven marketers that don't really care about you or your results.
The Key To Creating An Invisible Close
Sales is a swear word to a lot of coaches... many have said they hate to sell and that is holding back their income. In this talk you will discover how to sell with excellence and create an invisible close with every conversation with a system that is so simple, a 5th grader can do it.
How To Get To 100 Affiliates Fast
I hear about affiliate income and getting paid for referrals. How does that work? Today we discuss that and show all the possibilities for referral income that can make you Million$ with just 100 affiliates in less than 100 days.
The Million Dollar Book Formula
You have a book and you would love to monetize it! You see a lot of best sellers out there and a lot of broke authors...what's the deal? In this talk discover the Million dollar book formula.
Turn Virtual Speaking Opportunities Into Cash
Professional speaking is a very popular way for coaches to be seen and heard and yet most don't monetize it effectively. In this talk we will discover the secrets to turning virtual speaking opportunities into CA$H and not wasting time in doing so.
Creating Rock Solid Work-Life Balance
Work/life balance hasn't seemed really possible in business and especially in this new normal. And yet if you can manage my emotions in business as an entrepreneur and stay emotionally intelligent you CAN experience more balanced choices. In this talk we discover that work/life balance is really a choice, as is balancing your emotions with key steps that will also help you stay away from work-a-holism.
Kicking Your Unhealthy Habits To The Curb
Many people found they developed unhealthy habits I developed during the pandemic in juggling "all the things." In this talk discover how healthy is really your own definition and much simpler than society/media make it. Stop the madness of yo-yo and up and down health - we've got you covered.
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Most coaches are looking more and more to "Be seen - Be heard - Be Paid" in this new normal. If you feel like an imposter in this new online world and feel like a phony at times, in this talk we will unpack how that is NOT true and show you how to overcome imposter syndrome - in fact you can succeed at a higher level than ever before.

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